Degli otto workshop paralleli che si tengono oggi a Bruxelles nell’ambito della Digital Agenda Assembly avevo interesse specialmente per quello dedicato al Cloud (Cloud for Europe: from Cloud-ready to Cloud-active, #da12cloud), l’unico senza la diretta video: un vero peccato.

In attesa che le presentazioni vengano caricate sul sito ho seguito i tweet di Carmela Asero. Riporto i punti principali dell’intervento di Frank Leyman dell’agenzia digitale belga FEDICT, come sempre chiaro e conciso:

Belgium cloud strategy: Today private cloud IaaS, but going twrds Hibrid cloud tomorrow and compliant with EU devlpmnts.
On Cloud computing & trust “It’s like a fridge! You never know if the light is out when the door is closed.”
My requirements would be:
1) Encryption when leaving my network.
2) Only by EU certified data centers
3) EU to take the role of integrator until further notice.
4) Split CPU+OS suppliers from Software suppliers, only companies with EU locations (&HQ), under strict EU legislation & privacy rules, EU controlled audits
5) Clear short-term SLAs
6) Back-to-back liability
7) Split of cloud service offering over multiple companies
8) Exit rules! (in case of end of contract, providers bankrupt, etc.)
Do we still need a specific “EU Data Protection Act”? – Well, we should not be under Acts from another continent!